Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Backk!!

The rumors are true..I'm back. Its been far to long since the last time I wrote, but that is all going to change. This past semester was a chanleging one, especially since I was computerless (thus the no blogging). But I also had many great adventures that I will do a great unjustice to putting them in a list. But here is goes..

1. Met a boy
2. Was a recruitment councelor
3. Hated my classes
4. Started my job
5. Got a LITTLEE
6. School got harder
7. Work got harder
8. Crush Party
9. Formal
10. Lost the boy
11. Finals
12. Christmas

And now you know what happened Fall 2010..but now I have Sping 2011 to look forward to :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

In an effort of procrastination

It is only the third week of school, and already I'm putting off my work.

Not really. Maybe kind of. But there are some really important things in life that must be done. Like watching my beloved Ravens on MNF with my best friend/roommate. As well as persuading her to create a blog. Because that is what the world truly needs, another blog, especially one from my best friend who is quite honestly one of the funniest people I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. We have this plan to party with Chelsea Handler; I'm not quite sure what that has to do with best friend being funny, but its a solid plan.

So world, I'm sorry to report that life has been fairly boring. Just school, being an undercover sorority ninja, and the new boy. The end.

Luckily, only 11 very short days until I can publicly be friends with my sisterssss!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


L'Shana Tova!!!!

Happy Jewish New Year to all of you out there! As you all should know by now, I'm well on my way to becoming Jewish, and today marks the new year, the year in which I'm determined to make my official conversion. And since its a new year, I'm going to do what you're supposed to do, make resolutions. So here we go:

  • Love myself everyday
  • Be the best daughter/sister/friend I can be
  • Go to the gym more
  • Make Dean's List
  • Stop biting my nails
  • Do everything 110%

And obviously the most important thing to do this year, become a real Jew.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh the be young and in like..

I feel like I'm always apologizing for never writing, but once again I must say I'm sorry. I really thought once I was back at school I would be able to write all the time, and I would have things to write about too. And this assumption was very true with the latter, but I have not had the time to even stop and breathe, let alone blog.

As this is the beginning of yet another school year I find myself meeting all kinds of new people. Specifically, lovely young men. More specifically, one particular lovely young man. I won't go into detail because you never want to jinx things, but this has been one fabulous week, and I'm so excited.

But in other news, there are now only 19 days until I can publicly acknowledge and be a part of my sorority again. And I'm seriously counting down the minutes until then. Just to let you all know, I'm participating in sorority recruitment not as a member of my organization but as a Rho Gamma, which means I assist the potential new members go through recruitment and make the decision that is best for them. And a major part of that is the the potential new members cannot know what organization the Rho Gammas are in until they accept their bids. SOOO if any girl is out there thinking about going out for sorority recruitment I would say absolutely try it, it is the experience of a lifetime, and even if you find out its not for you, you can at least say you tried, and that is what's important!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Words from the top bunk....

I hope this finds you all well and getting comfy at school.

Today was the first day of classes, and I must say I'm even more excited now for this year than I was before (if that's possible). Since I am now officially a college junior (where does the time go?!?!?!) most of my classes are either political science or religion, which are my two majors for those curious minds out there.

Also, I am in the final stages of getting situated in my new home in my sorority house. SO be on the lookout for pictures of my cute, little, cozy room :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Exclusive: Part 2!

I know you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting to find out exactly what I would get to make the trip back to the homeland. Well you have to wait no more because here it is....

First there is this beauty. I love being super organized and being on top of everything. And this year I will be super busy with school, sorority, my job (Did I mention I got a fabulousssss job as a nanny at school??), and my obviously popping social life. Queue the crickets. I got the Mini Agenda from Lilly, and I adore it, its the perfect size for both my school bag and purse, because you never know when you are going to need to jot things down.

Probably the most important purchase for school. Period. I don't know about everyone else, but it seems to rain more now that I'm in college and have to walk everywhere than it ever did when I got to drive to school. I had an adorable pair of Sperry's rain boots, but after just two years, my beautiful boots have had it. I love these new ones because they are plaid, with just a hint of color, which is incredibly similar to my first pair.

But since it is my third year at school (ahhh!! where does time go???) I didn't have to get anything really fun. I have all of my bedding and stuff, which is now well broken in and oh so comfy! But I did get cute clothes, lots of the basics which would bore everyone to put pictures of 6 different colored v-necks.

So now just 39 hours until its time to return to the City of Brotherly Lovee!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School Exclusive: Part 1

Does anyone else remember the Staples commercial where it was the dad with the shopping cart frolicing through Staples and "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" song was playing in the background, and the kids looked miserable because they were school shopping?

No? Only me? Hmm...well I digress

Its back to school season, which really is the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion. I've always been that weird kid that doesn't really like summer, and would spend all my free time reading and doing schoolish stuff. And now the time has come to pack up and move on back to school.

In this first edition of my epic journey of preparing for the start of a glorious new school year I will share my family traditions for this time of year.

First, we must begin with my sister's birthday, which was yesterday. We obviously always do something she wants because its her birthday. That seems self-explanitory. So now we go to this psychic/tarot card reader. I know people think its a scam or hoax, but at the same time its fun and you should always know to not take it 100% seriously. Sidenote--Garnet Rose (that's the psychic's name) said I was going to meet two men this year and one is named Jeff, and Jeff will be studying something in the medical field. So now I'm on the look out :)

Second, in my household we have our epic Target adventure to buy everything, and more, for school. Well this year, it truly was epic. Since I am starting my junior year at the lovely Temple University, I'm basically all set with room supplies and linens and all that fun stuff. But Baby Sister is going off to her first year of college (oh how they grow up so fast), and so our Target adventure involved a whole TWO CARTS. Which let me tell you, at Christmas time I always think those people with the two carts filled with toys look absolutely ridiculous. But now that I was one of those people I see it is obviously because everything sold at Target is either huge, too cute to pass up, or you need 4 of them to survive. So while I went into this Target trip only needing actual school supplies, I came out of it with a dress or two, cardigans, and v-neck galore.

Our third and final tradition is our last night dinner. This is a fairly new tradition as we started it the year I went off to school. All it is is that we have a homemade dinner together at home for our last night together as a family. This year will be especially important because it will be the last time that Baby Sister and I will be home together until Thanksgiving!! And my Mommy Dearest will be in her empty nest :( But she will be fine because she has Step Daddyo and her lovely lovely friends.

On our next edition I will share all my lovely things I've gotten for this upcoming year.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thats why they call them crushes..

Molly Ringwald movies..oh how you know the pains of being a teenage girl.

I must begin this post by saying that I try my hardest to be a positive person. And I try to reflect that lifestyle choice in my blog. But sometimes it just gets hard...

At 19 years old, I find myself in a very difficult place. I was lucky enough when I was a little younger to find an incredible guy who I loved dearly. But we were young, and strong willed, and I wasn't willing to give up my dreams to be with him. Now about a year and a half after the demise of my two year relationship, I am so unlucky with love.

Since being at school I have had my fair share of boys, flings, crushes, etc, but nothing to show for it. And my most recent crush, well lets say finding out they have a girlfriend on facebook, after 4 long months of friendship and more, well that just hurts. But I do have to say, I have made some great friends, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. And sometimes you just have to learn for the broken hearts and missed connections.

I don't really know where I am going with this, but I do know that I'm over the way everything has been going. So when I return to school in a short 13 days, I will be my happy positive self, and always be on the look out for my next crush.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My My My..

Dear Readers of My Blog,

I am so sorry about my lack of recent activity. I would say my life has been busy, which is somewhat true. But mostly, my final days of summer have been boring and monotonous, and I decided you fine people did not need to be bored with that nonsense. But there are some great things to share.

I was privileged to work at party hosted by The Matthews Foundation a few weekends ago. This foundation was started by two families whose sons, both named Matthew, met at the renowned Johns Hopkins Children's Center while undergoing chemo. The party which I helped cater was in celebration of one of the Matthews ending chemo and officially being in remission. The party was so fun, filled with kids and family celebrating life. The foundation also sells these adorable bracelets that have beads that not only represent leukemia, which is what the boys fought, but a number of other cancers.

One a different note, I am quickly coming to the end of my summer job, which means little time left to craft for pay (haha!). I was wondering if anyone out there had cute ideas for easy crafts to decorate my room in the lovely lovely sorority house? It would help me out so much because I have officially run out of ideas :(

Hopefully I will write sooner rather than later :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Everybody's Doing IT!!

Haha.. doing it.

So this is a special post because I think that everyone should get in on this. One of my top favorite blogs, The College Prepster!, is having a fabulous giveaway and I think everyone should enter it. Take a little cyber stroll on and check it out, the stuff is really cute and its by the adorable Nico and LaLa . So there you go lovlies, don't say I didn't tell you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crafty Little Girl

As this summer has been spent doing what seems like a whole lot of nothing, except now I get paid to do nothing by a pool with an adorable six year old. But something I have been doing is crafting, and I wanted to share it with all. And you should expect many many more, because soon I will be making my little gifts. So without further ado, here are my creations:

Coozies!! For my best friends and myself!

My beautiful headband, which I am very proud of, but it was so worth the multiple burns from my handy dandy glue gun. I'm disappointed that in the picture it looks blue, when it is a glorious shade of Baltimore Ravens purple.

I'm looking for more craft ideas, especially ones for room decorations for my big move into PARADISE!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Daily Grind

I haven't written in a while because there is really nothing to write about. My days and weeks have started to run together, the way that it always seems to happen about this time during the summer. I work every week day, and then spend the weekends in Philadelphia. If you were to ask me the date, I would probably laugh at you. I haven't known the date since July 4th, which is only because that was the day I got on a plane home from Hawaii.

But don't get me wrong, I adore my little girl who I nanny, and I do love my job. And my weekends with my sisters are incredible, but on Sunday, or Monday mornings sometimes, its becoming increasingly more difficult to return back to Baltimore. But now there are just 32 days, (maybe less), until I return for good to Philly to be with my sisters and best friends. And just 29 days until my baby sister goes off to college. So now all of my free time will be spent with her, teaching her my ways, and reliving the past 18 years.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Be my pretty baby

Often times when I get bored, which tends to happen a lot at school or while working, I do as most people do and think of things to keep my mind occupied. Today at work, which was great until my little girl who I nanny crashed after maybe just a little too much time at the playground. So while she slept on my lap, and I half-watched my millionth episode of The Wiggles, I let my mind wander. From lists of crafts supplies I need to get, to laundry that needs to be done, and then finally to my all time favorite boredom saver; baby names. Now let me say, at the ripe old age of 19 I have absolutely no immediate plans, i.e. the next 6 years, to become a mother. But like so many other girls, I have the lists all ready. Its quirky, and most people probably would never admit to doing this even once, let alone often when they are bored. But what can I say, I love to plan things, and a girl can always dream right?

So now I will leave you with this, if my odd little game hasn't entertained you enough already..

My List of 3's

3 Names I go by:

1. Katie
2. Katelyn
3. Partner in Crime/Roomie Rooms

3 Places I Have Been ( recently)

1. Baltimore, MD (duh)
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Ko Olina, HI

3 Jobs I've Had

1. Nanny
2. Doctor's Office Assistant
3. Maryland State Assembly Page (it might have only been two weeks, but I got paid and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life)

3 Favorite Drinks

1. Diet Cherry Pepsi
2. Lemonade
3. Margaritas

3 TV Shows I watch

1. Glee
2. Gossip Girl
3. The Secret Life of the American Teenager (yes, I know..but its just so bad its good)

3 Places I Would Like To Visit

1. Paris
2. London
3. Germany

3 Retro TV shows I Watch

1. Boy Meets World (I LOVEDDDD THIS SHOW!!!)
2. The West Wing (I think that's where it all started)
3. The OC (does that count?)

3 Favorite Dishes

1. Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes (made by my vegan mother only once a year for my birthday)
2. Steamed Crabs
3. Anything with Asparagus really

3 Things I Am Looking Forward To

1. Moving into the sorority house in a short 38 days
2. Getting my little <3
3. Helping my baby sister get all ready to go off to college


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast

These past few days have been great for me, especially considering my general dislike of being in Baltimore for the summer. But now that I'm getting into the swing of things with my job, and I have a recent Philly excursion under my belt and another one close on the way, I can really start to enjoy my time and feel like myself.

As a true city girl, I have been doing all sorts of Baltimore-fabulous things. I had my first snowball of the summer; and for those of you who don't know what a snowball is it is a delicious treat of shaved ice with basically any kind of flavored syrup on it, topped off with melty gooey marshmallow. My personal favorite is a lime and margarita combination. Delicious. I also went to one of the free outdoor movies that are offered throughout the city during the summer. My family and I caught "The Princess Bride" on Federal Hill, complete with picnic and all. Saturday I spent my night with my mom at her best friend/my second mother's house, complete with poolside hummus and beers. And today was the icing on the cake. We, being my family and I, went to Artscape, which is the largest free outdoors art festival on the east coast. While it was miserably hot, I had a great time, and even picked up a great birthday present for my partner in crime.

Now with this great weekend behind me I'm looking forward to a fantastic week in front of me, and another reunion with my posse! <3

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr. Hemingway may have had it right....

when he said, Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

Today was a boring day, which left much time for self-reflection. This weekend left me with so many things to things about and appreciate. Once again I have to say that this weekend was my saving grace, as I can only be away from my friends for so long before I start to feel a little crazy. But apart from my sorority sisters and Natalie, there are people in my life that are irreplaceable to me, but may not realize it. I really have met some of the most amazing people in school, and I really hope to continue these incredible friendships and everything else that comes along.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the City of SISTERLY Love

I have to start by saying how excited I am to find out people actually read my blog, and that with this new found knowledge I promise to update everyday. With that being said I have a fantastic weekend to update the world on.

For me, my friends are my everything, and as I get older I truly believe more and more in the idea that your friends become you family, or as a woman much wiser than I said, maybe our friends can be our soul mates, and men can be great to come into our lives and have fun with. So this weekend I spent my time with my soul mates. I was able to see Little Blonde in a Big City and spend some time talking about getting back into the swing of life in Philly. And then the rest of the weekend was spent with my sisters, who really have become just that.

If anyone were to have asked me this time two years ago if I would be spending almost every weekend possible in Philadelphia with my sorority sisters, I would have laughed in their faces. Then I wasn't even looking forward to college, and I loathed the idea of "paying for friends". But my how times have changed. I see what sorority and sisterhood really mean, and how they are helping me become a better person.

But I digress, this weekend was the celebration of one of my sisters birthdays and we did just that, celebrate. And I know that I had a fabulous time, and look forward to the many many more times we will have to share in all kinds of nonsense and shambles.

Monday, July 5, 2010

East Coast Girls are Hip

I have returned, tanned and refreshed, to the east coast from the lovely island of Oahu. And I had a fantastic time with my family celebrating my grandfather's 75 birthday! We did so much, much of it was touristy, which I usually dislike, but it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why not spend some time with the masses, doing what the tourists do. But I will give you a few of the highlights from the trip.

The view from our resort.

Little Sister (L) and Me in Waikiki.

Girl Cousins

PINEAPPLES!!! They're my favorite.

Case in point.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting Pearl Harbor. (This was taken from inside the USS Arizona Memorial)

Little Sister and Me after the dinner cruise around Waikiki.

Obligatory Luau...Sooooo much funnnnn!!!

So that was my time in Hawaii, I don't know if I would ever go back, but it is fabulous to say I've been there.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forget about the real deal, you don't find it, it finds you...

I had a glorious realization today that I no longer want to be in a relationship. Not that I am in one right now, but I have no desire for one. I really would like to focus on school, friends, family, sorority, volunteering and so many other things. It might sound a little ridiculous, but I know that while I might get a little lonely, if I could stay single and really focus on myself, I will succeed. So one day when I am sitting in my flat in London, or my lovely apartment in Manhattan,and I'm pleased with how my life is personally, then I will concern myself with finding a man. But until then, I will leave this to you...


8 TV Shows I Like to Watch:
1. Sex And The City..without a doubt
2. Glee..oh how I love Finn
3. Gossip Girl..yes it's getting a little ridiculous, but Blair Waldorf is my hero
4. Greek...someday I will find my own Cappie
5. Degrassi..but only the old ones with Paige, Spinner, Emma, and the most important Jimmy Brooks <3
6. All the different Samantha Brown shows..sometime I really wonder how someone becomes a television travel host, because I think I would be fabulous as one
7. Ghost Hunters..Its really something my family likes to watch, and I do too but I get scared so easily that sometimes I can't watch it
8. Top Gear...A hilarious British car show/talk show..everyone

8 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink:
1. Qdoba..too wonderful for words
2. La Scala..Most fabulous Italian restaurant in Baltimore, and I don't even like Italian food
3. Starbucks..Vanilla Lattes and Passion Iced Tea equal love
4. Panera..bagels happen to be my favorite food in the entire world
5. Geno's..yummm Cheesesteaks
6. Whole Foods..they have the best prepared foods of any grocery store..and the most delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies
7. Taco Fiesta..cute qdoba like place..with a bar..how fabulous
8. Taco Bell..yeah its hands down the best fast food ever

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Hawaii!!!
2. Starting my new job when I get back from Hawaii
3. Being reunited with my best friends
5. Moving back to Philly..this is really on my list..but this is kind of in chronological order
6. Learning French this year
7. Moving into Phi Sig Paradise
8. Getting my little <3

8 Things That Happened To Me Yesterday:
1. I woke up late.
2. I went with my mom to the mall
3. I tried to convince my mother into poolside margaritas..didn't work :(
4. I made yummy salsa with my mommy
5. I watch Legally Blonde and Frost/Nixon
6. I took a nap
7. I went to the grocery store to get things to make dinner foods
8. I watched Bridget Jones' Diary and Definitely, Mayebe

8 Things I Like About Winter:
1. I seem to only own cold weather clothing
2. Not sweating while I drink coffee
3. I think cities are especially magical during the winter
4. Snow.
5. Christmukkah...and then i guess eventually it will be just Hannukah
6. Winter Break
7. Going back to school after winter break
8. Snow Days

8 Things I am Passionate About:
1. My family
2. My friends
3. Phi Sigma Sigma <3 <3 <3
4. Improving the world
5. Find my place in the world
6. Becoming a Jew
7. Harry Potter..don't laugh..
8. Traveling..I don't do it enough, but I have about a dozen trips planned in my head

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
1. Soo
2. like
3. oy
4. In Philly...
5. My favorite thing...
6. roughhh
7. balls
8. shibby

8 Things I Learned From the Past:
1. Always be kind, even to those those can't be.
2. Smiles are the best accessory.
3. You never know what will happen.
4. Family can be your friends, and friends can be your family.
5. Follow your passions, and take risks, the worst thing that can happen is you learn from your experiences.
6. Every girl should have a pair of jeans that makes them feel sexy, a dress that makes them feel beautiful, and a pair of sweats that will always be there when sexy and beautiful seem far away.
7. Girlfriends can be soulmates.
8. Always learn from your mistakes, otherwise you will never be able to grow.

8 Places I Would Like to See\Visit:
1. Pottsville, PA
2. London
3. Paris
4. New York
5. Vienna
6. Dublin
7. San Francisco
8. Disney

8 Things I currently Want\Need! :
1. To see my beloved school friends
2. More summer clothing
3. Lots of letters
4. New black heels
5. Some beautiful Lilly
6. a haircut
7. my best friend to be happy again
8. to start my uber nerdy collection

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oooh You Make Me Live..Oooh You're My Best Friend

Today was an incredible day. If I were to tell you about how I spent hours cleaning my room, running errands, hauling boxes into the attic, and taking the worlds quickest coldest shower on record, I'm sure you would beg to differ that that list sounds pretty awful. And that part on any other day would have been awful, except for today I finally met Bunny.

In my house Bunny is a legend. Every good story my mother ever told me about college involved Bunny in some way. And after 19 long years of life, and thousands of "I'm going to tell you a story about Bunny so you learn a life lesson through her shenanigans story", which by the way Mom never really worked because your stories always sounded super fun and made me want to do whatever it was that week that much more, I FINALLY MET BUNNY!!!! And she really is everything I had hoped she would be, and then even more. And its the more part that really got me thinking. Here it is 30 years after first meeting as college suitemates, and my mother and Bunny are still friends. Albeit, they aren't besties who talk all the time and see each other weekly, but I think that those types of relationships are significantly harder to maintain as you get older.

So as I saw my mom having a fabulous time with her friend, whom she sees about once a year and each time its like no time has passed at all, I began to really think about my own friendships. Now I must preface this by saying I am in a point in my life right now where I have really left behind my old high school ways, and everything about my college experience has become my life. My sisters are my everything, I love all of the friends I've made, and I wouldn't trade them for all the polos and pearls in the world. But my very best friend is the perfect hybrid for my life. She has been my best friend since we were 5 and she goes to school with me now. For me that means she has been there for every moment so far, happy or sad, and as we really and truly grow up and become the people we were meant to be, and will continue to stand together through ups and downs, thick and thin. So I am happy to know that in 30 years I too will have my very own "Bunny" by my side, to laugh and cry with, to continue to grow with, but I know that for us, our visits won't be an annual thing. We will be those women who have those impossible friendships, that even at 50 years old we will remain inseparable.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And Time Goes by So Slowly..

Oh where do I begin? My summer in Baltimore is quite boring, due to my lack of employment and my friends all being in far off lands, like Philadelphia and Connecticut. So to keep myself occupied I have baked about 5 dozen, give or take, chocolate chip cookies. And might I add they are getting better by the batch. But tomorrow I am embarking on what I hope will be an epic crafting spree. I have so many ideas just bouncing around in my head, and luckily due to many years in Girl Scouts (I know, I know) I have a basement full of craft supplies. PLUS, come fall, I will be (hopefully) getting a little!!!! And any little of mine must be spoiled to the max with preppy crafts made with love. Here are a few of my ideas:


Maybe something like this:

And so many more!!

P.S...The title is from one of my all time favorite songs. I think this is what I want my first dance at my wedding to be to. So beautiful.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Morning (or Late Afternoon) Baltimore!

I have a confession to make, I'm not in Philadelphia. gasp. For this summer I am back at home with my lovely family because long story short, I couldn't find a job in Philly. While it does pain me to the core to be away from my beloved new home, Baltimore was where I was born and raised. And so in honor of Charm City, I'm going to make a list of the 5 things I can't wait to do this summer :)

One. Outdoor Movies! For those of you who have never been to Baltimore, you are really missing out. Similar to other old east coast cities, Baltimore is dominated by neighborhoods. And while some of these neighborhoods have been altered by time, the economy, and condos; the majority of Baltimore's neighborhoods continue to hold on to their original individuality. During the summer months many neighborhoods put on free outdoor movies that begin when the sun goes down. While Little Italy has been doing this for years, about half a dozen other areas around town have jumped on board; meaning you could catch a free movie every night of the week if the weather holds out.

Two. Baltimore Zoo. I don't think this one need much explanation. I love animals, and being outside. Thus, I love the zoo.

Three. Picnic on Federal Hill. This historic look out helped America defeat British troops in both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Now Federal Hill holds a different meaning to Baltimore, now its a hip area with growing real estate and a fabulous night life. To add to that night life, Federal Hill also plays host to one of the nights of free outdoor movies. So on Thursday nights this summer I will be packing up my dinner of take-out and going with my sister to the movies.

Four. Sunday Morning Farmers' Markets. I love farmers' markets. Nothing is better than fresh fruits and veggies, people watching, and coffee. Its always a lovely time for my mom and me.

Five. Open Houses. What is better than looking for your dream house? Nothing. On many a Sunday, after the farmers' market, my mom, sister, and I head over to a few open houses to plan for our dream homes. A girl can dream.

Lucky Number Seven

After many weeks and months of reading fashion blogs, I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and get myself a blog. So for my very first post I will be telling you the SEVEN most important things about me. (I chose seven because it has always been my favorite number, for no real reason at all.)

One. I truly am a city girl. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I now go to school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I eventually plan on moving further north to New York after my many years of education are over. When I say I'm a city girl, I mean it. I am unafraid of public transportation (thank you SEPTA), I know how to deal with the constant wind that sky-scrapers always seem to generate in their shadows, and I can parallel park to save my life. With that being said, I did not grow up in a city like New York, so I did have a yard and a driveway, but my urban neighborhood was wonderfully eclectic and still somewhat bound to its original German roots.

Two. I am a walking contradiction. Just like in those crazy Starburst commercials with the albino lifeguard and the Scotch-Koreans, I am quite the contradiction. I have an incredibly German last name. Yet, I was born into an off-the-boat Irish family. I was raised Roman Catholic. Yet, I am in the process of converting to Judaism. Crazy right? I think all these crazy little tidbits make me that much more fabulous. :)

Three. To describe myself I sound like the girliest girly girl (and a bad stereotype). I spent 13 in Catholic School, with my high school years being spent at a predominant all-girls school in Baltimore. (Our most famous alumna just happens to be Nancy Pelosi. I always thought that was nifty.) I then went off to college and joined a sorority. I am an incredibly proud sister of Phi Sigma Sigma. To add to all this, I love fashion. No one would ever call me a model, nor would I say people envy my wardrobe; but I work with what I have. As a poor college student I know how hard and fun it can be to be a recessionista :) But I would definitely call my style geeky chic. I love preppy lines, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, and so many more, but as I am in school and once again POOR, I unfortunately cannot buy the clothes I so dearly want. So I make the best out of what Target, H&M, American Eagle, Martin & Osa, and of course my mother's vintage closet offer.
Four. I know an obscene amount of random information. I think Wikipedia is the greatest invention ever! It might not always be 100% correct, but it does the job. I love celebrity gossip. And most importantly, I know everything about the Kennedy Family. Not in a creepy way, but they fascinate me. I always thought I was a princess, and the Kennedys are the closest America has to a royal family, so thus I always wanted to be a Kennedy.
Five. I’m obsessed with a unique collection of t.v. shows and movies. My all time favorite show is Sex and the City. I’m a total Charlotte. But SATC is followed closely by Glee, The OC, Degrassi: The New Generation (where a young man named Aubrey Graham got his start, look him up, your mind will be blown), Gossip Girl and Greek. For movies my favorites are much more diverse than the girly t.v. shows. Love Actually is my all time favorite, but I also love old movies like Casablanca and Gone With the Wind, and I also have a great affinity for war movies, especially Saving Private Ryan. I often times wonder how I could become a movie critic. No really, how does one get that job, because I would be fantastic at it.
Six. I love to read. Give me a book and I will read it, even if I don’t like it. I’m in an awkward transition point right now where I’ve read every young adult series known to man, but I haven’t really moved into the more adult books that people like Oprah and Victoria Beckham read and make them instant best sellers. I will admit though, proudly, that my favorite book of all time is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You can say what you want, but some day in 11th grades everywhere Harry Potter will be required reading for British Literature classes. And that will be a great day.
Seven. I’ve always wanted to go into politics. First let me say, I want to be in politics, but I don’t want to be a politician. I want to be the girl standing 12 feet behind the person at the podium, listening as that brilliant public figure reads my words to the nation. But until I reach that point I should get used to coffee runs and copy machines, because that’s how you earn your way into the vicious and wonderful world of politics.

So in seven very simple, but kind of long, points, that is me.