Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Backk!!

The rumors are true..I'm back. Its been far to long since the last time I wrote, but that is all going to change. This past semester was a chanleging one, especially since I was computerless (thus the no blogging). But I also had many great adventures that I will do a great unjustice to putting them in a list. But here is goes..

1. Met a boy
2. Was a recruitment councelor
3. Hated my classes
4. Started my job
5. Got a LITTLEE
6. School got harder
7. Work got harder
8. Crush Party
9. Formal
10. Lost the boy
11. Finals
12. Christmas

And now you know what happened Fall 2010..but now I have Sping 2011 to look forward to :)