Monday, February 28, 2011

hey world! part 1

Here it is, the beginning of my return. I have had quite the busy past few weeks, but now I'm back in action. First, I must say that my chapter's MADD Dance A Thon was a great success!!! I'm so happy with the outcome, so yay us!
School is chugging along, and Friday begins my Spring Break!!!! Now, like most of you I will be headed south for my SB. But there will be no sand and surf in my future, oh no even better. THE POSSE IS COMING TO BALTIMORE!!! (For those inquiring minds, the Posse is my group of very close friends, no we did not name ourselves. It was one of those "having greatness thrust upon you" moments during our pledge period.) So watch out Charm City, we're coming for you!
I have lots of mre exciting news, of the more personal level, but I feel as though that deserves its own post. So now I have even more reason to be back again tomorrow!

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